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Primary School Signing Events - F1 to KS2

    • Half day event including book signing session.
    • All planned by us, for you.
    • Reading / Presentation from your Author.
    • Our host on hand to make it an easy and fun day.

    Designed to cater to multiple year groups in the school hall, our typical School Author Visit audience range from 150 – 500 pupils, depending on school size. We make the Author's book(s) available for sale through the school and provide free pre-event lesson supplements to help pupils get the most out of the day.
    School Author Visits can in most cases be 90-100% funded simply by copies of the book being pre-ordered. Pre-ordered books which typically range from £7 - £10 each are signed on the day for pupils to take home and keep. This has proven to be the preferred method for schools to arrange their event, and we help every step of the way with a friendly template letter to parents seeking their permission and support. Schools may use their literacy budget to fund the event if they prefer, or may opt to seek support from the PTA. When surveyed, we have received considerable positive feedback from parents who have seen the true value in ordering books for their children and helping schools make an Author Visit a viable opportunity.
    Enquire now about arranging your School Author Visit

    We are able to work with Schools and Key Stage groups on an individual basis to deliver the most relevant events that tie in with your curriculum.
    We understand how hard it can be to hold the attention of young minds! We work with Authors to ensure events are always well received.
    Pupils receive personalised signed copies of the featured Book, after briefly meeting the superstar Author, with the help of our fun, friendly team.

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