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Once Upon A Slime…


Combine literacy with ecology with an extremely informative and highly entertaining visit from Fiona. Starting with an interactive introduction discussing slithery slimey slugs, pupils excitedly engage their minds for a creepy crawly story.

Reading from one of the four books, Fiona retains the complete attention of the pupils when interspersing the story with a selection of highly amusing and interesting ecological facts – “ants don’t have ears, so how do they communicate?” being just one of many fascinating insights given.   Fiona also challenges pupils to a ladybird spotting competition which features on the pages of the book (displayed via the OHP), but how easy are ladybirds to find!?

Once-Upon-a-Slime, a Garden Tale About Max and - One SpiderOnce-Upon-a-Slime, a Garden Tale About Max and... Two WoodliceOnce-Upon-a-Slime, a Garden Tale About Max and - Three Slugs

After a chat about the insects and facts, pupils are asked to write a story, making a character out of their favourite insect, giving it a name, a place to live, a friend and a hobby. Story template sheets are handed out to help with the story writing and further optional challenges can be set such as using at least 3 adjectives & 2 adverbs etc based on teacher discretion.

Finally there’s a rewarding drawing exercise as pupils have to draw the front cover not of their own story, but of the person’s sitting next to them, trying to make it as relevant and accurate to what their neighbour has written.

Pupil Ages:  5 – 9
Total Pupils: 90
PostCode (School): ST14 5HT
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 01889590203


Fiona’s insightful visits are an enjoyable fusion of literacy and garden biology which help pupils associate reading and learning with excitement and fun, catering to years 1 – 4.





TOPICS: Adventure|Animals | Maths | English


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